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Becky and Fawna from St Mackenzies

Becky & Fawna have been sent out of their PE lesson. Becky had been antagonising Fawna and she eventually snapped and slapped her. So as they both wait for me they are looking very tense and soon a full blown fight breaks out. As the roll around on my desk they get brutal and as clothes get pulled off Fawna is in for a nasty shock.

Lucy-Anne and Courtney from St Mackenzies

Lucy-Anne & Courtney have been left alone in their lesson. They are wearing sexy matching outfits and are feeling naughty. They start to strip each other, giggling as they slips off their ties, blouses & skirts leaving them in just their lingerie, fishnets, socks & heels, but they soon strip off those too leaving them totally nude!