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Melissa Dawn Taylor from Nextdoor-Models

We have a new “playmate” and she really was a Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week in 2009! What’s not to love about Melissa Dawn Taylor…. tall, hot blonde, great body and a true California girl! Melissa spent some time on the show “Girls Next Door” and when she is not hanging out with her Playboy friends, she is partying and traveling. She is very social and loves to be around people and is usually the center of attention. A self proclaimed “wild chick”, her favorite saying is, “I love being single, seeing double and sleeping triple (and sometimes quadruple).” We love this naughty girl next-door!

Daphne – The Alaskan princess

¬†Our newest star is our Alaskan princess, Daphne! Having gone her whole life bundled up in parka’s and snowsuits, this hot babe craves being naked and warm. On a recent trip to Cancun, Daphne fell in love with the warm sandy beaches and had her relatives send her personal items down to Southern California so she could stay longer. She is now living with a long time friend, enrolled in community college and working as a waitress at a beach side resort (so she never has to be too far away from the warm southern California coastline)! At only 20 years old, she is not sure what she wants to do when she “grows up”, for now, she is just soaking up the sun and loving wearing tiny clothes!