Presenting the new Hegre model Karina

This girl could bounce on a trampoline, jump out of a plane, or stand in the middle of a storm and her perky body wouldn’t change shape.

Meet pert 20-year-old Russian, Karina. With a naturally laidback character, she dreams of moving to California (she’s not the first model to want to do this). More specifically, she feels the attraction of Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

With its funky, offbeat vibe, Venice Beach’s famous and popular boardwalk is a mecca for artists, street performers, skaters and surfers (she’s got some mean board skills herself). And of course, it’s home to thousands of incredible beach bodies.

On a recent trip there, she fell in love – her palm tree ankle tattoo is a little souvenir (she also plans to have both arms covered in ink). So right now she’s studying to improve her English and saving money for her next Californian adventure.

With a kind and calm nature, Karina is able to find peace wherever she goes. Where most people flap or panic under pressure, she remains composed.

So with an attitude and a body like this, she’s sure to fit into the chilled-out Californian vibe.