Presenting Cleo from France on Hegre-Art

This girl is unique. Cleo has a natural, almost elfish look. It’s like she’s a daughter of Mother Nature, born in the forest with wild animals as her siblings.

Just beginning her modelling career in the fashion industry, this is her first time posing nude for the camera. She’s a passionate dancer, having trained and performed as a ballet dancer for five years.

She believes part of being a dancer is giving your joy and happiness to an audience. It is about stirring emotions in people, not through words or pictures, but simply through the beautiful movement of the body.

And she’s a girl with an adventurous streak. The world is a fascinating place to Cleo and she has a long list of countries she has yet to visit. While she’s travelling she loves to learn about how different cultures express themselves through dance.

Just be warned, Cleo is so beautiful, with such a captivating personality, you might just fall head over heels for her.