Deirdre Collins in “Tough Love” by Zishy

You might remember this beauty, Deirdre Collins, the tough-ass rugby player from a nearby public university. I will give you a hint which one, it starts with a U. The other day, a couple of subscribers commented on the last update. They took issue with the slight physique of Alex. I get it. It’s not your thing, but there’s no need to insult a girl on here. If you would not say it to a girl’s face, you do not have to say it here. They often read the comments. Wouldn’t you, if you were the subject? All people (yes, even women) should be shown a bit of respect and emotional consideration. Right? Anyways, I delete comments like that. You can always message me directly or down-vote a gallery if it is not your thing. No need to create pain for another soul in this universe. That is not my thing, so I will kindly delete those unkind remarks at my own discretion. Enjoy Deirdre if she is your thing.

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