Alece in some nude yoga by Body in Mind

Yoga is in the news a lot lately, with variations like Hot Yoga and even Naked Yoga springing up. Mainstream yoga has seen its image modernized a little, with clothing lines called Yoga Tart adding to the sexiness of it. A lot of purists and feminists aren’t happy with this development. They don’t like yoga being ‘sexualized’, and they really don’t like fitness magazines publishing images of ‘naked or half-naked young women in yoga poses’. Which isn’t a surprise to us – these types are always looking for a way to attack beauty. They take a healthy activity like yoga – which encourages women to be strong, agile, fit and confident – and complain about how fit and confident those women actually become.

The message is clear – its okay to improve your fitness, it’s okay to feel sexy, but you’d better not start looking sexy. With an attitude like that, Burqua Yoga can’t be far behind.