Lovely Monika is naked for Body in Mind

If there’s one job that evokes instant envy among men, it’s that of nude photographer. Imagine making your daily bread by spending the day with a gorgeous naked woman, who enjoys being nude and who makes every effort to show off her incredible body to its full potential . It must be a dream job, a piece of cake, right? Dream job, perhaps, but piece of cake, definitely not. It takes incredible skill to create images like Janosch Simon has with Monika. As tempting as it might be to just stare at her, or to ask her to pose in a more provocative way, Janosch accomplishes something that qualifies as true beauty: he focuses on the woman, not on how he or the viewer might feel about her. He makes her beauty the intention of the photos, and defies us to look at her any other way. Coupled with deft skills behind the lens, it makes for a stunning series of a sculptural beauty.