Britney in “Rocks” by Body in Mind

Did you know that star BiM models Nadya and Britney are actually Ukranian sisters? It’s very difficult for photographers to find beautiful women to pose nude anywhere else in the world.
In the late 80s and early 90s even the world’s most famous models and actresses had no problem appearing fully nude. Cindy Crawford, Madonna, Sharon Stone, all made more money than any woman ever before simply by using their beauty, in fashion, music, and movies. But since then, the success of beautiful women has been misrepresented as the opposite, as degradation and exploitation. But women like Cindy, Madonna, Sharon, Nadya and Britney are anything but victims. They are powerful women using their beauty to get what they want. And unless we want also to lose all our eastern European nude models to the modern tide of political “correctness”, it’s time we learned that selling beauty is a good thing.