Zoey in “Black Magic” by Body in Mind

It’s no secret that women have been kept down for millennia. But the method is not well-known. In fact they have been kept down by the continuous discrediting of the value and virtue of female sexuality. From Eve in the Garden of Eden to Miley Cyrus twerking on TV, sexual women have been disparaged as proof of the dangers of letting women be free.

Lately we’ve noticed a new way of discrediting female sexuality. A lot of people are removing the credits from nude and glamour photos and re-posting them anonymously online. Apparently in their view, everyone is entitled to enjoy the benefits of these photos except the people who actually create them.
The reason credits and logos are included in the first place is to allow models, photographers and publishers to either make money or attract publicity. Most put the bulk of their profits or fame back into making new pictures. They don’t do it to get “rich” or to “stick it to the consumer”, things we at BiM are regularly accused of, usually by file thieves and image pirates who post stolen photos for download exclusively for their profit and who have zero intention or ability to make even a single image themselves.
So don’t be fooled by people who claim removing credits or posting anonymous images is a noble form of democratization of “information”. Their idea of a democracy requires sacrifice from everyone except themselves.
And don’t listen to those who say all images on the internet – including nude ones – are “public” domain. What they really mean is the effort, bodies and profits of beautiful women are their domain.

Taking a value without permission when that value is an inanimate object is called theft. Taking the value of a woman’s sexuality without her permission is called something else, isn’t it? Remember failing to give credit is failing to recognize someone’s value or moral virtue. Yet few people bring more joy, pleasure, and beauty into our world and get so little appreciation, gratitude, and benefit from it as the nude art model does. They are the most beautiful thing that modern men will ever experience.
And they make dealing with our own day-to-day problems much much easier. For that we think they deserve all the credit in the world.