Marsha in “Sheer Beauty” by Body in Mind

Some people claim that female beauty is mere fluff. That it is inconsequential, trivial, something we amuse ourselves with but ultimately means nothing. We know differently.

We know that something can be beautiful and meaningful, pretty and profound. We know that you don’t have to separate your desire from your morality when looking at a beautiful woman, you don’t have to dismiss her appeal as nothing more than a piece of fluff dancing on the the wind or your character as something trivial. And we also know that if the critics really did think female beauty was as unimportant as fluff, there wouldn’t be so much discussion about it, so much debate.
Marsha shows her sweet, adorable, dare we say – fluffy? – side in her cute little teddy, but never lets us forget that underneath it she’s a powerful representation of our values: sweet, sexy, and strong.