Sweet English Charm – Leila from Hegre-Art in the shower

Leila studies world history in London and plans to be a teacher when she qualifies.

She pays her way earning extra money as a model and there is a danger with her sweet English charms that the history faculties may be robbed of a tutor by the fashion world’s incessant search for new faces. Leila was first seen on the Continent when she was advised by one of her friends to send her portfolio to Hegre-Art.com.

Although she enjoys life in the big city with its constant pace and 24/7 action, Leila was raised in the country and goes back for long weekends and holidays. The harvest is her favorite season, everything ripe, fully grown and blessed, the perfect metaphor for our English beauty. History or Modeling? Leila shrugs her fine shoulders.

She wants to get her degree before she comes to any permanent decision and, in the meantime, she’s enjoying both.