Lizbette Huerta in “Xalastraphobia” by Zishy

Lizbette Huerta rents an apartment in a building that Chaplin once called home. Here she gives me a tour of the lobby, welcoming lounge, hallways, and even fire escape. Lizbette may or may not be able to play the piano, I do not clearly recall. She has a way of consuming your attention with her subtly flirtatious behavior. If you are wondering about the images at the end of the gallery, they were misplaced files from my previous update of this Mexican muse. A couple of LA’s inebriated youth engaged us in conversation on the sidewalk. Lizbette’s friendly demeanor is magnetic. The male was even bold enough to press Lizbette for a photo and her digits. Should have hired the punk as a talent scout on the spot.

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