Rachelle Wilde in “Just Because” by Body in Mind

We created this set just because. We knew Rachelle would look amazing brushing her hair in the nude so we did it. And we knew her fans – as well as those lucky guys seeing her for the first time – would see it too. We knew we would not need to explain it. And in a way, that’s the nice thing about beauty. It doesn’t need to be explained. It doesn’t need to be planned. No one needs to be convinced.
As a model, artist or photographer you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you make something beautiful, others will see it too.
These days many people act as if a nude woman is something dangerous and immoral, and rush to cover a child’s eyes if they should see a photo of a beautiful woman in a bikini on the cover of a magazine in the supermarket. And the thing that gets us is that they act as if it’s self-evident, that somehow we should all know that it’s bad. But it’s not self-evident at all. We had to be taught to see the female body as bad; this behaviour was devised by someone; it is not obvious at all. So then now we must all choose. Is beauty good because it is self-evident, or is hating it the right thing to do, even when it isn’t clear why?

Obviously, at Body in Mind, we don’t hate beauty just because someone said we should. We’ll take the universe’s word over any eye-covering philosopher, any day. We’ll let the beauty-haters furrow their brows in frustration trying to convince everyone to hate women.

And the rest of us will simply enjoy the obvious beauty in the world around us – and in Rachelle – just because.